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Born an hour east of London in the sleepy town of Colchester.

His favourite word is: "Ubiquitous". 

Born an hour east of London in the sleepy town of Colchester, Christopher studied International Relations at Nottingham Trent University and later completed a Masters in Political Theory at the London School of Economics.  He has taught English in India and Peru and after many trips around South and Central America he sold his soul and took a job for a Labour politician working for two years as a researcher in the House of Commons. When he is not teaching he can be found reading, running or rambling around El Raval.


His favourite word is: "Ubiquitous".  Purely for the enjoyment it brings when the tip of the tongue takes a trip of four steps down the palate to tap, at four, on the teeth.


  • També a Barna-House

  • Traduïm

    L’Agència Especialitzada de Traductors i Intèrprets ( AETI ) proporciona tot tipus de solucions lingüístiques per a empreses i particulars a tot el món. [+]

  • Avaluem

    Disposem d'un servei per a empreses d'avaluació de competències lingüístiques d'empleats. [+]