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Barna-House, the Barcelona language school

  • Always English

    It is still the international language. With flexible timetables, native teachers and in small groups. Don’t make your learning take forever.

    I'd like to learn English

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  • We evaluate your level and you choose the rhythm.

    Survival level and not much free time. I want to take the FCE exam and I am free in the afternoon...

    We have the combination you need

  • English Intensive courses during the summer

    You still have time, check out our timetables

    Let's do this!

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  • French, let it seduce you.

    International relations, gastronomy, fashion,... they are all still important. Choose your own pace...and you’ll always have Paris!

    Je veux apprendre Francés

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  • Native, expert, teachers

    Highly qualified native teachers. Dedication and patience so you can learn quickly and well...just what everyone wants.

    I want to learn with them

  • Sign up now!

    Intensive courses continue now, the 6 th of July. Don’t be sorry you didn’t do it.

    Pourquoi pas?

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  • German, your door to a great future

    The most spoken language in the European Union. Flexible timetables from 9h to 22h. If you can speak German, you can do something that not everyone else can.

    Ich mag Alemán

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  • With our small groups, we will make you feel comfortable.

    You will have the confidence to ask questions, participate, make mistakes and get things right. Classes are more personalized, more effective and more focussed on you.

    Which is my group?

  • German Summer Intensive courses

    Which month would you like to begin?

    The moment has come :)

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  • Don’t stop growing, learn Chinese.

    Traditions, culture, wisdom,... and the future first world economic force. Native, qualified teachers. Learn Chinese and stand out from the rest.

    我想研究 Chino

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  • A method that works

    A direct, up-to-date system based on active communication. You will really see your progress.


  • Chinese, does it sound like double dutch?

    Why not join this great Asian community?

    Now is the time

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  • Musical, open, artistic,... Italian

    Cinema, people, Rome, literature, philosophy, ...for those who want to grow both humanly and culturally. The intensity is up to you.

    Mi piace l' Italiano

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  • Living your successes as our own... since 1979

    Over 30 years asking and answering questions. Teaching, motivating, helping. We move forward with you.

    I want to be part

  • Oh Italy is so nice!

    Discover Italian and see how easy it is to speak.

    The moment has come!

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  • You already know Portuguese, now learn it

    It is spoken on 4 of the five continents. Similar, Latin, pleasant and quick to learn. We can prepare you for official exams.

    Necessito falar Portugués

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  • Endless timetables for endless realities.

    A thousand plans, commitments, activities,... your daily life is crazy. Don’t worry, from 9h to 22h, you will find the perfect timetable for you.

    This timetable is perfect

  • A different language!

    Culture of contrasts and a growing economy.

    Sign up for your Portugues Classes

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  • Yo show interest

    And we will provide the means with maximum flexibility. We Will prepare you for official exam.

    I need to speak spanish

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  • The second most spoken language in the world

    Don't end up regretting not being able to communicate in the second most spoken language on the planet.

    Learn to speak

  • You mark the pace

    Choose your intensive course anytime of the year... now prepare for Summer.

    Start now!

    Choose your course

  • Parc Guell Escola idiomes de Barcelona Barna-House Spanish language school in Barcelona Cursos idiomes de espanyol

Why Barna-House?

Because we don’t just teach a language. We understand your needs and adapt to your reality. We want you to enjoy learning as much as we enjoy teaching you. Classes are 100% presential and in small groups, personalized teaching, complementary activities, flexible timetables, highly qualified native teachers, internet and library free,... We speak your language [+]

  • The School

    In the centre of Barcelona.

    Progress, practice, prepare, chat, study... with native teachers in an open, communicative atmosphere. The doors of our school are always open. [+]

  • Our DNA

    Our teachers are all passionate about communication.

    Your choice is our challenge. We know your aims and professional needs and we are able to enrich our experience since 1979 with all the advances of the 21st Century.

    We are driven by a strong desire to improve day after day and our vocation is to be useful to you..  [+]

  • Your Teachers

    Núria Curran

    La Núria va néixer a Santa Bárbara, una ciutat petita al Sud de California.
    Se sent tan americana com catalana.

    Your Teachers [+]
  • Activities

  • Also in Barna-House

  • We translate

    The Specialized Translator and Interpreter Agency (AETI) provides all kinds of linguistic solutions for businesses and individuals all over the world. [+]

  • We evaluate

    We offer businesses a service to evaluate the linguistic competence of their employees.[+]

  • On-line Bookshop

    Online sale of specialist language teaching books. [+]